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The definition of a Maven is "an expert or connoisseur". I suppose I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur on business excellence. I created this web blog site for other like-minded business connoisseurs much in the fashion of a wine tasting. Instead of sampling and tasting fine wines, the tastes and samples I hope to offer here are of business experiences and knowledge which have been aged and are now wisdom and know-how.


Soon to be empty-nester when my wife and I can get some peace and quiet in the house, although I will admit that I will miss having three sons under foot.

They say that this time of your life is an opportunity to contemplate and plan your second act.

Don't get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed my first act.

- College degrees: Bachelor's in Education; Masters in Business Administration
- Married for 30 years
- With my wife, raised three sons: a lawyer, an engineer, and a MIS professional
- Three careers: HR executive, management consultant, and senior line executive

Manager, vice president, president, vice chairman, senior consultant; I had been all of the above at one time or another. But 25 years, six companies and a dozen jobs later, I was tired and asking questions about my life I could not answer.

So I started creating the script for my second act in 2001 when I left a senior level corporate management position to take a year-long sabbatical from work.

Quite a huge step for a somewhat possessed business executive used to fighting the corporate wars for 25+ years.

Returned to corporate life in 2002 with a validated sense of purpose and mission, not too different from the direction I had previously pursued. This time, however, I found myself at peace and possesing a sense of serenity that had previously eluded me.

What made the difference? In retrospect, enough quiet time to think, reflect, and learn. Time to connect with the person within. I turned to the one thing that had always carried the day for me. An intense desire to rid myself of the dissonance that comes with not understanding and a sometimes compulsive desire to know more.